Our duty is to find, to renovate and to make a better use of Japanese historic buildings.
In each Japanese regions, there are still quite a few historic buildings like Machiya, traditional wooden townhouses, Samurai’s houses, firm-house, Sake Distilleries, banks and factories; however, many of these buildings has been vacant for so long time that they naturally get demolished and disappear from the society. The main reason behind is the expensive property taxes for which the houses don’t meet the minimum “standard” of architectural safety laws, and the many owners give up on them thereafter.
So, why renovate the old buildings? It’s not for a simple rural area development and tourist promotion.
Valuable cultural and historical knowledge of Japanese architecture. Memories of Japanese life-style. Just like we recite the old poems, we remember architectures. Just like the poem has been passed on over generations, while giving us hopes, buildings has been giving us the comfort we needed. Finally, like we can improvise the poems through higher educations, we can renovate them with technologies, as to preserve them.
Historic buildings are made with natural resources like forrest, sun, soil, water and many regional cultures. We as human are able to enrich the place with thorough preservation.
Hence, we find, renovate and make a better use of them. Our work starts from there, and we believe the lost things will return there.

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