Announcement| Symposium-“TSUYAMA symposium “which aims at  revitalizing rural areas as to  preserve historic architectures in Japan

This is a staff of Historic architecture network(HARNET).We have an information about the “TSUYAMA symposium “which aims at revitalizing rural areas as to  preserve historic architectures in Japan.We are very glad to announce this information of you today. 

Symposium Information

Dates and Venue

The Symposium will be held on 6th day of October 2018. 

All symposium sessions will take place at the 100th’s hall at Tsuyama Senior High School.(87 Tsubakikouge,Tsuyama City,Okayama prefecture, 708-0051 )

There will be a tour on October 6,2018 and another tour on October 7,2018.

  • There will be a tour on October 6, 2018 and on this day you will get inside  the architecture of Tsuyama  Senior High School that is an important cultural property that the government designated.Just for this day.Don’t miss the chance because this is a special trip because not all are given the chance to enter the building.
  • On the next day, we will tour around the cities where there are a lot of historic places and architectures.

Official Language

All sessions will be conducted in Japanese.

Deadline for Registration

28 September 2018 

In this symposium, we’ll have more than 200 participants.